How will my child be taught?

I use the Suzuki Method to teach children to play the violin. I adapt this to suit the different personalities of the children that I teach.

To begin with your child will learn to play the violin without reading the music so that they are able to focus on correct posture and technique. Reading music will be introduced gradually as the child progresses; through games, activities and colour coding the music.

Your help will be needed at home to help your child practice, so you will need to attend the lessons so that you are able to help them.

Your child will benefit from playing with others and I provide group lessons, workshops and concerts (at an additional charge) to facilitate this.

How old should my child be to learn the violin?

I have taught children as young as 3 years old, so it can be anytime after this.

My child has special needs - would you be willing to teach them?

Yes - definitely. I have experience in teaching children with Downs Syndrome, Autism and ADHD as well as other needs. My house has been adapted for wheelchair access and I have space on my drive for parking.

Do you teach group lessons if children want to learn together?

Yes, I have experience in teaching group lessons.

Do I need to buy a violin before my child’s first lesson?

I suggest coming to the lesson without a violin so that your child can try different sizes to make sure it is the right size. It is very difficult for a child to play a violin that is too big for them. I have violins that you can borrow free of charge for the 1st month and after this there will be a monthly fee of £5 per month to cover the costs of the strings and bow.

If you would like to buy a violin please buy one from a recommended music shop to make sure that it is set up correctly and is easy for your child to play. Please refer to the Violin shops page on this site.

Will my child have to do music exams?

No, your child won’t have to do exams if they don’t want to.

Can my child take music exams?

I am not exam focussed, so if you would like your child to take a lot of violin exams I would suggest finding another teacher. Also, I don't play the piano, so you will need to find a pianist to accompany your child if you would like them to take exams.

I am happy to enter your child for the occasional music exam. They don’t have to do all of the exams. For example, they may just do grades 5 and 8, or 1 and 3.

Where are the lessons held?

In my music studio at my house in Lillington.

How long are the lessons?

I suggest 30 minutes once a week in term time.

What is the cost?

£17 for 30 minutes.

£5 per group lesson/workshop/concert - there are usually 3 in total per term.

£40 per year to become a member of the British Suzuki Music Association. Please click here for more details. (As I am a qualified Suzuki violin teacher all of my students are expected to become members of the British Suzuki Music Association.)

I suggest a maximum of 4 trial lessons in the beginning and after that I require a payment in advance for each term.